The YMCA Youth & Government Mock Trial Competition needs Judges

January 29, 2018

What is the YMCA Youth & Government Program? This is a national YMCA program for high school students that prepares them for moral and political leadership through training in the theory and practice of developing public policy. North Carolina, in the last five years, has added the Mock Trial portion where students are assigned a case and are required to develop their case from opening statements to closing arguments. They prepare both sides of their case and are scored based on a set of criteria by local lawyers and law students who serve as “judges” for the program.

The YMCA Youth & Government Program needs volunteers for Friday, February 9, 2018 and Saturday, February 10, 2018. The competition will be held in downtown Raleigh, you will receive details upon volunteering. They need attorneys and law students to assist judging the Mock Trial portion of this program. The Mock Trial event will be held at  It’s a great opportunity to meet young, ambitious high school students who have an interest in the law (or at least mock trial), and it’s fun to see what these students do with their cases and see them develop as advocates! The YMCA Youth & Government Program would love to have CCLA members and supporters as judges, and they formally invite you to participate.

They will have five time slots:

Friday, February 9 @ 10:00 AM
Friday, February 9 @ 1:30 PM
Friday, February 9 @ 3:30 PM
Saturday, February 10 @ 10:00 AM
Saturday, February 10 @ 1:00 PM

Motivate the youth and volunteer. Sign up to volunteer as a judge by clicking here.