Congratulations 2018 CCLA Leadership

January 26, 2018


We would like to congratulate the new leadership of CCLA for the upcoming year. We know that each of you takes pride in the organization and you will work diligently to see its success and growth.

Thank you, members of CCLA, for trusting these individuals to lead us in the right direction. If you know or see someone in a new leadership role, please provide words of encouragement and support.

Executive Board

  • President – Jocelyn Mitnaul
  • Vice President – Ashley Payne Ratliff
  • Secretary – Chassidy Hinton
  • Treasurer – Michael Grace
  • Parliamentarian – Brittany Whidbee

Committee Chairs

  • Communications/Publicity Committee – Evin L. Grant
  • Community/Public Service Committee – Vanessa Curtis
  • Events Committee – Petal Munroe & Jaime Williams
  • Political Action Committee – Kandace Watkins
  • Scholarship/Fundraising Committee – Greg Moss