Don’t miss out on CCLA Membership Perks

March 2, 2020

Over the past few weeks, the leadership of the Capital City Lawyers Association has been looking at ways to maximize your membership. We appreciate the sacrifice many of you make to be active members of CCLA and we want to make sure you receive adequate incentives for your support. The Capital City Lawyers Association is committed to fulfilling its purpose and mission. CCLA’s goal is to improve the quality of life for the local citizenry, most particularly in underprivileged or under-represented communities through service, scholarship, and education. In order to do this, we often undertake financial burdens. Through the generosity of dues-paying members and donors, we are able to continue reaching for that goal.

As a member it allows you to take part in democratic member participation. As new matters are presented to the general body, dues-paying members have a voice in determining the direction of CCLA. CCLA wants to believe you are also committed to its purpose and mission. We believe economic investment ensures that our members are involved and excited about what’s going on with CCLA.

In the coming weeks, CCLA will be offering “Members Only” content. This will include access to specific events and CLE opportunities, the ability to contribute to our upcoming members’ blog, the right to vote on CCLA institutional decisions, and more.
If you have not paid your 2018 CCLA membership dues, please do so now.
For more information on dues, visit here. Or Click here now, to pay your 2018 Membership dues.

Please include your email address and a statement you are paying your 2018 Membership dues in the notes section.




If you have questions regarding your 2018 Membership status, please contact Treasurer Michael Grace at