NC State Bar Committee Opportunities

November 5, 2020

Each quarter the NC State Bar Appointments Committee considers various candidates from across the state for certain legal-related boards and commissions such as the Board of Law Examiners, Judicial Standards Commission, and Disciplinary Hearing Commission (just to note a few).

Below are the two appointments that should be available in January 2021:

  1. Client Security Fund Board of Trustees: (5 year appointment) The Client Security Fund was established by the North Carolina Supreme Court in 1984 to reimburse clients who have suffered financial loss as the result of dishonest conduct of lawyers engaged in the private practice of law in North Carolina . The fund is administered by a board of trustees , called the Client Security Fund Board, appointed by the North Carolina State Bar Council.
  1. Board of Law Examiners: (typically a 3 year term, but this spot is to fill an appointment of a board member who has passed away) The Board of Law Examiners is responsible for establishing, administering, and enforcing the requirements for admission to the North Carolina State Bar.

Anyone interested should email the current N.C. State Bar President (next year Barbara Christy) or the N.C. State Bar’s executive director Alice Mine by sending an email to Lanice Heidbrink ( expressing interest and providing a resume. An email to Katherine A. Frye at would just serve as a heads up about interest.