Voting in 2020 – Advice for Mail-In Ballots

June 29, 2020

Please see the information below and share wildly.

All of us recognize that voter turnout this fall will be quite large. There are two things I would like to propose that you consider.

A.    Mail-in Ballots

“All of the information received from the Wake County Board of Elections indicates that they are expecting high voter turnout during early voting and at election day polling locations. Because of this and the fact that the virus does not show any signs of slowing down, it is extremely wise we encourage our friends and associates to do mail-in ballots.” – David H. Bland

1.      Requesting your vote by mail ballot is very simple: go to Wake County Board of Elections and click on Absentee by Mail Voting.

2.      Certifying Your Mail in Ballot

You must have your mail-in ballot witnessed by one person or by a Notary Public. It is strongly encouraged you have a Notary Public sign your mail-in ballot.

B.     What You Might Consider Doing to Make This Fall’s Voting Less Cumbersome – Ways to Volunteer

1.      Being a precinct official for Early Voting sites and on Election Day. Due to the virus, the Board of Elections is expecting a greater need for poll workers. You can obtain an application at

2.      Get Certified as a Notary Public Many nonpartisan organizations will be offering sites where voters of all parties can bring their vote by mail ballots to be certified by a Notary Public at no cost. There is a required training program that costs $95 plus the 2016 edition of the Notary Public Handbook.

Thank you.